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Our Product

Simple, Free, Trusted

A Credit Voucher is an electronic stored value voucher that can be purchased, pre-printed or generated real-time from participating merchant terminals or websites. The Credit Voucher can then be redeemed by the holder via a number of online channels, via SMS, or merchant interface connected with us. Once redeemed, the value of the Credit Voucher is transferred to the holders account with that merchant and funds are instantly available for use.

Participating merchants can use Credit Vouchers in scenarios that require their customers to load value to their account, effectively allowing cash in the form of a purchased Credit Voucher to be loaded to that account. It can be used for loading prepaid cards, transferring money to an e-wallet, loading a gaming account online or any other online account type that is integrated with our Credit Voucher platform.

The Process

Apply to become a Participating Merchant and start accepting Credit Vouchers today

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What you get

A platform designed to help you sell more

Merchants in the following sectors benefit from the use of Credit Vouchers: retail, ticketing and events, gaming, foreign exchange, food & beverages, hospitality, travel and many more

  • Suitable for all risk categories
  • 24 hour approvals
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Clear pricing
  • No holdbacks, security deposits or guarantees
  • Daily settlements
  • Easy integration
  • Customizable branding
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Full control via our online control panel

What your customers get

Credit Vouchers are extremely convenient to use

Customers can buy a Credit Voucher with a credit or debit card online or at a participating merchant location which they then activate using the simple instructions. Funds are now instantly available for use at a participating merchant location, providing your customers with the following benefits

  • Security and privacy of online shopping
  • Clean, neat, easily accessible and user-friendly interfaces in multiple languages
  • Free service (there are no hidden fees or charges for the customer)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB approved


Mitigating risk and fraud

We deploy state-of-the-art risk mitigation measures on all voucher purchases to help identify and prevent fraudulent activity - from device fingerprinting to proxy piercing - we analyse each transaction within seconds to keep out the fraudsters.

Our software and servers are PCI DSS compliant meaning we are able to retain all cardholder information safely and securely. In addition, our payment pages are all DSS secure, ensuring all data transmitted to and from our servers is encrypted and safe from prying eyes. Our services have been approved by multiple members of the most popular Card Schemes.

Great Support

Is what it’s all about! Supporting you, our Partners.

After our on-boarding team has helped you through our due diligence process, our technical team is standing by to help you integrate with ease. We have plug-ins to some of the world’s most popular shopping carts and our own restful API.

Once up and running we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager, always on hand to deal with any problems as and when they arise using your preferred communication channel.

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